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  1. Offroad 4 strokes
    Kickstart fell off while riding, went back and found parts #2 (broken off it looks like) & #3 on the sidewalk where I kickstarted the bike.. wondering which other parts in the image below are on the outside and have likely fallen off? Many thanks for the help!
  2. Offroad 4 strokes
    So I'm about to buy a 2022 EXCF 500 and I've always loved the feeling of starting the bike with the kickstarter. The thing is they havenmt put the kickstarter on 500 EXCF's since 2017, so I was wondering if anyone knows if its possible to put a kickstarter on a brand new 500 EXCF 2022. I've been...
  3. Two Strokes
    So I recently purchased a 2017 150 with kick start issues. I took it apart and found the idle gear with no bushing. Also found some damage to the back of the clutch basket and I noticed that there's nothing holding this idler gear on! After I did some research I found that ktm actually updated...
  4. Offroad 4 strokes
    I was riding some trails when i dropped my 2011 sxf 250. not knowing that the bolt holding the kick starter on fell off i tried to kick the bike over a couple times and stripped the teeth on the kick stater itself (not the gear coming out of the engine) i was wondering if any ktm spec kick...
1-4 of 4 Results