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ktm 1290 s
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  1. Adventure
    Good evening to all I own a 1290 SAS. I want to share something I have noticed and it has made me curious. When I open the throttle abruptly to do a wheelie a few times, not always ,the engine stops (as if closing the throttle) for 1-2 seconds and then revs up.Has a friend see the same? Is mtc...
  2. Adventure
    Hi all, so my 2018 1290 super adventure fuel gauge is reading empty constantly, I’ve removed the sensor and the float is free moving in it if i plug back on the connector and turn it upside down the gauge reads full and if i slowly turn it back around the gauge drops as expected, basically my...
  3. Adventure
    Dear all, I am searching to find LED auxiliary lights for my KTM 1290S 2018; I am trying to understand if better products than the OEM option is available (read; cheaper and better?!) Any experience to share? Thank you, Best, Christian
1-3 of 3 Results