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  1. Two Strokes
    Good day I have a 2001 ktm 300 exc where can I source parts for the bike any help would be appreciated I am from south africa thanks in advance
  2. Two Strokes
    Hi guys I'm struggling with my 2013 KTM 300, the electric start isn't starting the bike but I've replaced the starter motor, bushings and battery and it still wont start does anyone have any suggestions? Regards Mike.
  3. Two Strokes
    Broke a post on my inner clutch hub. Tried to order new one and its discontinued with no replacement listed and can't find aftermarket or used one.
  4. Two Strokes
    So I have a 2016 ktm 300 exc 2016 model. The e-start is no longer working. I have a brand new battery (less than a week old, 240cca 12V SSB brand), have the 410W starter motor and factory bendix. I have pulled both the starter motor apart and the stator cover to check for wear or any obvious...
1-4 of 4 Results