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ktm duke 125
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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hello, im new to this forum and I’ve came for help with my duke 125 2011. Yesterday I wanted to go for a ride, I started my bike just like usually but the motor ran only for about 3 seconds a then it went off. I tried to start again but it doesn’t start. Motor is turning with starter but there...
  2. General talk
    Hi all I have purchased a 125 duke 2017 model 1500 miles and I can only get around 60-65 out of it are they supposed to reach 75?
  3. Duke
    I am looking at 2 KTM Dukes one at £2100 that’s a 2012 Duke all standard hardly been rode 1800 miles, or a Duke 125 2000 miles 2017 priced at 2600 with a upgraded exhaust. What one would be best to go for What’s the difference between the years and what could I get out of these bikes?
  4. General talk
    I am looking at 2 KTM Dukes 125 the first one is a 2012 ktm duke 1800 miles £2100 All standard hardly been road. Or there’s a 2017 duke 2000 miles upgraded exhaust £2600 what’s the different between the 2 bikes by age? Also what can you get out of both bikes?
1-4 of 4 Results