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  1. Offroad 4 strokes
    Long story I'll try and keep short. 2018 500 exc Desmogged, full fmf exhaust, vortex. Sunk my bike in the water. Stood it up and got it running after cranking it with the killswitch off and throttle wide open. Rode for another 10km and the bike died out of nowhere. Took it home. Flushed it...
  2. Classic & Vintage KTMs
  3. Offroad 4 strokes
    I need a new battery for my bike but everything every dealer said would work, doesn't fit. The battery's I have ordered are both an inch bigger. I've tried the YUASA ones, and a lithium ion one and I have found the oem battery part number but that is apparently discontinued. Can anyone help me...
  4. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey I bought a 2007 560 smr. It came with a cdi from a 400/450/525 exc. Part#59439031000. Does anyone know if this will cause issues? 560smr cdi part number is different
  5. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hey guys first time post, just having some trouble with my 350. Oil is 2/3s up the sight glass warm after about a minute or hard riding once switched off.. After a ride the next day it stays around the same sort of level. I start it after washing it let it idle and cool down the next day the...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hi! Im new to this forum and to KTM world in general :) I own a KTM 690 Enduro that Im starting to build it for rally as I have plans to participate in rally events and roadbook competitions. Im starting by getting rid of the extra weight first and so far I could take almost 6Kg off!
  7. Offroad 4 strokes
    I am mostly complete with my first piston replacement on my 2015 KTM 350sxf (also my first time doing this job). When taking the bike apart I aligned the two Cam dots on each cam to the dots on the cam bridge. I also marked the chain and cam gears with paint for east reinstall and ensure chain...
  8. General talk
    Are you ready for Desert Season? With Desert Season just around the corner, be sure your vehicle is ready to handle those night-time trail runs safely and effectively! From finding that perfect camping spot to those late night runs through the dunes, let Baja Designs lighting kits help...
  9. General talk
    Hello everyone! So I have 2016 KTM SXF 350, during my last ride I noticed that the bike is consuming oil. I am using motul 15w50 fully synthetic. I had my bike filled to the half of the glass indicator but after riding it was below the red circle. I don't race the bike, just casually rides it...
  10. Two Strokes
    Hi I have a 2017 ktm 250exc that for some reason is Fouling plug on start could this be Because I got a trail tech radiator fan and it’s running to cold now I have the fan set to come on a 70c the bike has got a jd jetting kit and a fmf powercore any help is appreciated thanks
  11. Two Strokes
    We’ll guys I’ll give you some back story. I had a similar bike about 10 years ago. IT SCARED THE **** OUT OF ME. The bike was a “sx” though. But long story short I had to sell it for the quick cash. Now this gem I’m starting with. Is a 1999 380 exc. I have to say I’m a little rusty with the old...
  12. Parts
    Slightly used. I changed the exhaust as soon as the break in period was over. I do not have the gaskets, I used them on my new exhaust. $1200 for both. I will sell them separately. $400 for the silencer, $1,000 for the cat.
    $1,200 USD
  13. Parts
    Slightly used. I changed them as soon as I got the bike.
    $100 USD
  14. Parts
    Slightly used. I changed to bar end mirrors as soon as I got the bike.
    $50 USD
  15. Parts
    Slightly used. I added the fender delete kit as soon as I got the bike.
    $100 USD
  16. Parts
    Slightly used stock seat. I got the ergo seat after a few rides.
    $100 USD
  17. Two Strokes
    Hey everyone new to the group and the KTM scene does anyone know if other cylinders off of bikes that are different years fit the 2003 KTM 300EXC? I’ve read that they discontinued making the part but if I could find a cylinder my bike would be complete. Please and thank you.
  18. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Having a problem bike rough idle when cold for 20-30 seconds then it remains constant as it heats.Fluctuates between 1k -2k then stays at 2k when heated. Checked fuel pump,spark plugs, all filters and throttle body but still happens. Recently reflashed the ECU as well. Help regarding the same...
  19. Duke 890, 790
    Hello all, couple days ago now, and less than three weeks of ownership - bought off showroom floor and has not even made it to first service yet in mileage. My 22’ 890 R is in shambles. Bike died mid left turn in a very busy intersection. Long story short ended up having to walk the bike home...
  20. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey everyone, 201 has been in the barn for a while after inheriting it from my step dad. I took it for an MOT where I noticed mileage was far higher than the last one, despite knowing it had mainly been off road. On my way home I did ~500 miles, and I calculated for every mile I did, around...
1-20 of 100 Results