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  1. Duke Engine
    Traded for this 2015 Duke 690 and the engine needs a rebuild. Dealer wants too much to rebuild it so I'm willing to do it myself. Looking to purchase whole LC4 from Duke IV or to purchase parts piece by piece. Located in Dallas, TX. Will pay to ship item if not local. Any part helps!
  2. Duke
    Hello people. Does anyone know if the engine from a newer 690 duke its the same with the 2008-2011 690 duke? My engine finally gave up and i am looking to get a new more powerful one. I know that the new ones is still an lc4 but is it exactly the same in terms of compatibility with my bike? If...
  3. Duke
    Good Day all Brent from South Africa, I have a KTM Duke 2 640 LC4 which locked up on me and from what i can see with a bore scope i have a cracked piston. Engine was rebuilt about 2 months ago, were i replaced the priston, rings, gaskets and had a new cast sleave fitted. Any ide what would ahev...
  4. Classic & Vintage KTMs
    Hi All We have just bought an old KTM four stroke to restore. Just trying to find out exactly what it is as not sure whether its a 600/620 but its definitely an LC4. Apparently might have been a factory produced bike for an enduro rider but who knows. The frame number is: KTM930407155 Engine...
1-4 of 4 Results