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  1. Sportminicycles
    Hi everyone Got my little man an 02 adventure minI. he loves the bike and it runs really well except when trying to idle. Bike has a new plug Has a clean carb and all jets clear and clean. clean air filter and no matter how I adjust the idle screw on the carb it still dies when he comes to...
  2. Sportminicycles
    Ran great most of the season, until a couple weeks ago when it seemed to lose power and die on the hills. Wouldn’t start or run when any weight was on the bike at first. Now it won’t start at all. Replaced the stator, spark plug coil, gas, took the carb apart cleaned it. Replaced the packing...
  3. Sportminicycles
    Hello all. I recently picked up a 2005 KTM 50 Mini Adventure for my kids to use. After doing some riding and research, I put together this video on adjusting the centrifugal clutch. Hopefully it will help others on here find a good setup or answer any questions you may have about the clutch...
1-3 of 3 Results