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  1. Adventure
    I am having a problem with random MTC Failures? My 2014 Adventure 1190 will get a failure and go to idle only (no throttle) often when I go over a small bump while riding. The MTC Failure alert displays along with the triangle warning light. I pull off to the side of the road, shut it off then...
  2. Super Duke
    I have the 2020 1290 SDR, and when I put it in track mode, the main screen shows the number 9 on the screen, I assume that means the level of TC. This implies that you can set the level of intervention for TC. All I can see in the menus is turning MTC on/off, same for launch control. Is there...
  3. Adventure
    Recently I have been having issues with my 2019 KTM super adventure r. I took it in for a 9000 mile service and the shop did me the “favor” of updating the software. Since then, I’ve been having numerous failures. First off is the speedometer, it keeps failing and reverting back to 0mph, no...
1-3 of 3 Results