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  1. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Hello people, I really need help my KTM RC 125 2015! I have multiple issues with my bike atm, I bought for a cheap buck because the previous owner lost both his license and the license plates on the bike, I got the bike registered again and thought it was all good. I was aware of the bike...
  2. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Hi. I want to buy my first bike, a 2016 Ktm Rc 125 with 34000km. I want to use it as a weekend bike (200km/weekend i think) and probably as everyday bike, adding 100km a day. In total.. like 2200km a month. In terms of reliability, do you have some opinions? After it have been used 30k km do you...
  3. RC390 , 250 , 125
    I was thinking of getting a rc125, because i am restricted by the a1 license system. But 125 is just awfull slow, so i was wondering if its possible to put a duke 250cc block on the rc125 and if so, do they have the same engine mounts? And also, would i need a new ECU?(Yes, i am aware of the...
  4. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Speedo now reads intermittently and jumps from actual speed to zero and back, I have checked the main speedo wire and everything looks okay, has anyone had this issue or know of any ways to resolve as I will soon have my MOT which it will fail with this issue
  5. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Good evening guys, hope your all well and staying safe. Newbie looking for a little help regarding my rear brakes on a KTM baby, RC125. So today the rear brakes disappeared on me... long story short I was on dual carriageway and in 6th gear 70mph the bike seemed to be loosing power. So I...
  6. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with wear on the chain and sprockets, I took it in for its second service at 4100 miles and it was recommended that the chain was replaced. I clean and lube it regularly, haven't pressure washed the bike at all and when I clean and...
1-6 of 6 Results