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  1. RC8/RC8R
    Hi all..im having problem on my rc8r..it keep showing blink code 1 long 2 short n rear sensor popup on dash..try to change it and deleting the error..it still showing on obd scan..
  2. RC8/RC8R
    Hi good day All..need help on what map u all running on Akrapovic Le..my PC5 got problem n i change it back to original ECU the repairman who upload the map has upload this map KM690EU0802033..on my research it look like this is for 2008 model that is 1148cc..but mine is 1195cc.. should i...
  3. RC8/RC8R
    Hey all, looking to purchase an evo 6 system, willing to trade an evo 4 full system + cash if need be. depending on price i could also just buy one then sell my evo 4 to recoup. Let me know if interested, thanks. my evo 4 system has 1100 miles on it thus far, pretty much perfect condition...
  4. Parts
    I hardly see any RC8R’s with the factory mirrors, where are they all? I need a set!!!
  5. Parts
    I have the stock exhaust from my now totaled 2013 RC8R. I swapped the stock exhaust out for an aftermarket one, and it sat in a box ever since. $200 + shipping :)
  6. Parts
    Have a few parts kicking around that were removed from my 2014 RC8R Exhaust Clutch lever Brembo brake lever Rear plate holder w/ signals Mirrors not avaliable.
  7. RC8/RC8R
    Hi everyone! Brand new owner to a 2015 RC8R as of today, I took the seat off just to see if there was any extra storage, but now I can’t get the rear of the seat to sit flush with the tail, no matter what I do, the seat is lining up with the connectors up front, just can’t get the rear to be...
1-7 of 7 Results