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  1. Offroad 4 strokes
    Hi all! I've been experiencing some strange and probably expensive sounding rattling from my 2004 525 EXC for some time now, I know these engines are normally noisy but there's a particularly loud rattling coming from the engine when I cruise with little resistance at lower RPM, say 70KM/H...
  2. Offroad 4 strokes
    Seems not to be just oil. Dark brown fluid, easily wiped with a cloth leaving no residues on the head surface. Coolant is pink G12. Oil and coolant mixed? Toasted seals right? KTM EXC RFS 450 ´07 Thanks (y)
  3. Offroad 4 strokes
    Greetings! So had the internals of the silencer of my exc broken and dingling inside. The middle part, that baffle plate, where the end cap inner pipe sits agains from one side and the thin baffle pipe sits from the other side, broken in pieces... So no plate, no support to hold the baffle...
  4. Offroad 4 strokes
    i have purchased new seals and seal carrier (after oil started coming out of weep hole) but cannot get the carrier to seat all the way into the head far enough to get the pin in, i have watched the only video on YouTube of this and followed it correctly, anyone had this problem or know any tricks?.
1-4 of 4 Results