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  1. Super Duke
    Hi. The seam/stitching on my KTM SDGT heated seat is coming apart - anyone else seen this? Is there a good fix before it gets worse? Here are a couple photos: Seat seam issue Thanks!
  2. Super Duke
    Hey all, Really loving my new (to me) '17 GT! The rear end was bugging me, so I tore off the extended tail and installed a Blaster X tail light which includes turn indicators. Super bright, cleans up the rear by being able to eliminate the stockers, and the brake light flashes three times before...
  3. Parts
    Brand new, never installed. Will fit 2009 250 SX-F and other models (I do not know which ones). Asking $125 (or best offer), plus shipping.
  4. RC8/RC8R
    Hi everyone! Brand new owner to a 2015 RC8R as of today, I took the seat off just to see if there was any extra storage, but now I can’t get the rear of the seat to sit flush with the tail, no matter what I do, the seat is lining up with the connectors up front, just can’t get the rear to be...
1-4 of 4 Results