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  1. Duke 690, 390, 250, 125
    Hello guys, I drove about 40km today and when I wanted to turn on my bike to drive home again neither the speedometer nor the engine starts anymore. The screen doesnt turn on same as my engine but my standlight works as usual same as the light of the instruments on my handle. Is this maybe a...
  2. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hello everyone! I’m having issues with the speedo on my bike. Abs works, speed is registered on my scan tool so the ecu is reading the speed from the sensors but nothing on the dash. I changed the front sensor but no luck. Doesn’t register the speed, trip data or hours. Clock works and...
  3. Two Strokes
    My bike has an old TrailTech computer mounted behind the headlight. And the non-brake side of the front wheel has a speedometer housing with no cable connected to it. I'd like to toss the speedo housing and replace it with a spacer bushing. I bought an aftermarket bushing on line. It seems to...
  4. Adventure-all models
    Recently I have been having issues with my 2019 KTM super adventure r. I took it in for a 9000 mile service and the shop did me the “favor” of updating the software. Since then, I’ve been having numerous failures. First off is the speedometer, it keeps failing and reverting back to 0mph, no...
  5. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hi. I recently bought a Zaddox speedometer for my 2009 SMC. I’m having trouble installing it and don’t understand the wiring diagram for the bike. I measured the cable i thought was ground and power and both of them delivered 12v while the other cables delivered close to 0v, which means that the...
  6. RC390 , 250 , 125
    Speedo now reads intermittently and jumps from actual speed to zero and back, I have checked the main speedo wire and everything looks okay, has anyone had this issue or know of any ways to resolve as I will soon have my MOT which it will fail with this issue
  7. Two Strokes
    hello my ktm exc speedometer is only reading my speed up to 7mph. i have checked for damaged cables i found nothing. thanks in advance
1-7 of 7 Results