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  1. Adventure
    Hello all, so basically the title says it all. Have 160 hp was an appeal for me to get this bike and it has been very worth it. I am just wondering if riding that fast could have a negative effect on the bike (obviously I do it safely and with no traffic and unrestricted speed limit). What...
  2. Adventure
    Hi all, so my 2018 1290 super adventure fuel gauge is reading empty constantly, I’ve removed the sensor and the float is free moving in it if i plug back on the connector and turn it upside down the gauge reads full and if i slowly turn it back around the gauge drops as expected, basically my...
  3. Adventure
    Recently I have been having issues with my 2019 KTM super adventure r. I took it in for a 9000 mile service and the shop did me the “favor” of updating the software. Since then, I’ve been having numerous failures. First off is the speedometer, it keeps failing and reverting back to 0mph, no...
  4. Adventure
    Just wondering if it possible to upgrade a 2016 1290 SA with the new TFT screens?
1-4 of 4 Results