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super duke r
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  1. Super Duke
    High there, apologies as I searched but couldn't find an answer to two questions. 1. I am looking at a 2016 super duke r but it has 53000 km's (about 30k miles) is anyone aware of bikes with similar mileage and are they more trouble than they are worth? It has a good service history. 2. They...
  2. Canada
    Hi, I am planning to buy the Super Duke R in the coming weeks and I wanted to get some tips on negotiating the price for the 2020 model. The current MRP is $19,999.00 CAD + $ 550 CAD for freight. What is a good bargain price that I should start with? The company is currently offering a 0% APR...
  3. Super Duke
    Greetings all, I recently came into possession of the three sections for the ergo seat that is on a 990 Super Duke R and I was wondering if anyone knows what I will have to do to attach it to my 2008 standard 990 Super Duke. Any assistance would be appreciated
  4. Super Duke
    Hello everyone, I wanted to get some opinions from current owners before making a decision. I am considering trading in my 2014 Yamaha FZ-09 for a Super Duke. The bike in question is a 2015 1290 Super Duke R with 16k miles. Im not sure how well these bikes hold up when getting higher in miles...
  5. Parts
    I’m looking to sell a rear tire stand for Super Duke R For $125 obo, reside in DFW area willing to meet local, or i can ship for a fee.
1-5 of 5 Results