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  1. New Member Introductions
    whats up my fellow yam bros (K-T-Yams) . Love trail riding but mostly ride street Im from Long Island NY (516/NYC). Been riding for four years now . Started on street legal conversion 17’ Kx250f . Got rid of that headache got 16’ yz85 . Still wanted to live my dream of having a street legal...
  2. Supermoto/Enduro
    I bought a set of warp supermotowheels for my 2004 sx 125, but ended up selling the bike. Will these KTM wheels fit on a Yamaha, Honda or Kawasaki 250? and if not are there any ways to make it work?
  3. Supermoto/Enduro
    Just bought the bike a couple weeks ago headlight didn't work for the previous owner either and he didn't bother to mess with it he just replaced the bulb but still nothing. I replaced the mangled original main wiring harness and still nothing for the headlight or tail light no idea what it...
  4. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hello all, I recently had to change the front master cylinder and I tried bleeding the system like any other motorcycle. (Master cylinder to caliper pumping the lever) but this time I cannot get any pressure to the lever and the pads don't move at all. I tried reverse bleeding and still cannot...
  5. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hi everyone new to the forum looking to put a new set of plastics on a 2009 KTM SMC 690 and came across this bike which is the same year and model with a set I really like but can't seem to find them anywhere. Hoping someone will recognize them. I'll attach photos below. Appreciate any info thanks.
  6. Supermoto/Enduro
    Hey guys! New to the forum here, looking for advice, and tips. I went from a 2019 Yamaha MT-09 to a 2019 Ktm 500 exc-f. My ride partner owns a 2019 husky 701sm, and I wanted something similar but different, if that makes sense? The Yamaha was great! But I really like the supermoto feel. Anyway...
1-6 of 6 Results