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  1. Duke 690, 390, 125
    Hey! For a while my 2017 690 Duke R has been holding its revs both when I drive and when it's in neutral. About up to 3k rpm then slowly goes down for 1-3 seconds until it's back to normal. When driving it goes up to almost 3k when I let out the clutch just a bit without it being enough for...
  2. Adventure-all models
    Hello everyone! I am experiencing a problem with my 1290 SAR 2021. In low rpms when I open the throttle I have multiple jerks...I am just shooting this out check if anyone else does have the same issue. Especially in rain mode when I accelerate in low rpms between 2500rpm and 3000rom only, the...
  3. Super Duke 1290, 990
    I am looking for a quick turn throttle for the 2017 SDR. I hear these electornic throttles cant do it but theres got to be a solution. Any ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results