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  1. Can the KTM 150 EXC TPI be ridden on an A2 license?

    Two Strokes
    I have been looking everywhere and cant seem to find the power output or the power to weight ratio of the KTM 150 EXC TPI, does anybody know this or if it can be ridden with an A2 license without a restriction kit? If not, does anyone know what restriction kit i would need whether it be ECU...
  2. KTM TPI 2018 ran for a bit, then shut off

    TPI motors
    I bought a used 2018 300 TPI with about 100 hours on it, and it worked just fine for about two weeks up until last night. at about 2 in the morning i was going for a quick night ride and started the bike in my yard and started riding downhill in to the city and stopped in the intersection at the...
  3. SparkPlug keeps failing

    Two Strokes
    my first post :) I have a 2018 TPI 250 2T KTM and every two or three hours my sparkplug fails... the bike will not start only when I replace the spark plug. did anyone encounter this with his/her TPI? what could be the possible causes what could be the possible solutions... thank you very...
  4. 2020 300 XC - Coolant out exhaust

    Two Strokes
    Hi all, I wanted to throw this info out there and see what everyone thinks may be the issue, or potentially has had this issue. I bought a 2020 KTM 300 XC a little over a month ago now, and only got one ride on it. The bike had .2 hours on it when I got it. I got the suspension all dialed in...