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wont start

  1. KTM 50cc mini adventure 2002 won’t start

    Ran great most of the season, until a couple weeks ago when it seemed to lose power and die on the hills. Wouldn’t start or run when any weight was on the bike at first. Now it won’t start at all. Replaced the stator, spark plug coil, gas, took the carb apart cleaned it. Replaced the packing...
  2. 2018 KTM sar display won't start

    US East
    So I absolutely love my bike that I've had just over a year ride around the country 9k Mike's and have 13k on it. Now here's the issue. When I push the "race on" button to power up the screen and bike I get nothing. Now it's working then it will not work. Nothing no power... I have a new charged...
  3. Freeride 250f won't start after sitting

    Offroad 4 strokes
    Hi folks I have a 2018 ktm freeride 250 four stroke and it has been sitting for about 6 months as I was busy with academic work... I tried to start it but it just won't do it (I put in a fresh battery and fuel) If anyone knows anything on troubleshooting and/or how to fix it please let me know...
  4. 2016 KTM 300 XC Won’t Stay Running

    Two Strokes
    Hey everyone, I am newer to the dirt bike world and currently having issues with my bike staying running. Bike fires up great first time with choke on and runs great for about 5 mins with the choke off but then slowly bogs out. After it has bogged out I can’t seem to get it started unless I...
  5. KTM 690 duke 2018 Just put on tail tidy kit

    i had just put on a tail tidy kit from r&g and i had accidentally had the wires switched around for the new tail light, so i switched them and it worked fine, when i went to plug in the rear blinkers something happened with the computer display where it shows mph and everything it said abs...