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  1. Two Strokes
    Hello guys, I bought a Husqvarna TX 125 (2019) and I would like to mount the indicators that were disassembled by the old owner and I would also change the speedoemter beacause it is broken. The problem is that in both cases I don't understand much of the electrical system and unfortunately I...
  2. Offroad 4 strokes
    just bought a 09 400 xcw ($600) that needs to be rebuilt. Needs piston,cylinder, crank, and a few other things. After looking around online for parts I realized aftermarket parts are hard to com by for this bike. Oem is quite expensive. So I was thinking converting it to a 450. So the question...
  3. Two Strokes
    Does anyone know what the best jetting combination is for a 2019 KTM 150 xcw in Colorado?
1-3 of 3 Results