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1190 Adventure Resale Value

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I've been looking into a KTM Adventure. I was initially looking at 950/990 because I want the best of both worlds but the more I look and keep seeing 1190's for not much more than some of the upper priced 990's it's got me thinking they might be an option. What I'm asking here: is there a reason the 1190 doesn't hold its value like the 950/990? If you watch videos and ask the guys that have them they are still a pretty decent offroad weapon if you are big enough to handle it or a beast of a rider. The power has me intrigued and the long distance comfort is appealing. Am I missing something or are they just kind of an overlooked gem?

Please share your thoughts.
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There a lot less 990,s and the have a following of purest. When KTM bought out the 1190 Adv they were starting to hit stride and started asking lots of them. There are those who like the handling of the 990’s more and off road all the extra power is really basically unusable. On road the 1190 was a beast. Even tracked mine, spanked the 600’s down the front stretches.

The initial 2014 1190’s the front forks were way under sprung and if you weighed more than 200 lbs you had to change spring rates. I should have changed the mono shock as well. Never got to it. I got about 5,000 miles on her and she was totaled being trailered out the Colorado to do the zBDR. As the 1190’s got into 2016 the suspension improved a lot.

It was a great bike for a large adventure bike. The oem headlight was useless though and had to replace with led lights. There were easy fixed for adjusting the stock suspension and the bike was easy to work on. If I we’re limited in my financial sources an sweet , well kept 1190 could fill the bill.

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