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Hi i am tryng to find out if there are any differences between a 2002 and a 2003 125 sx thanks for the help.

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Found this 2003 125 sx updates from 2002 on the web somewhere:

General Improvements to the 2003 KTM 125 SX Racing

Fork - In 2003, all SX models will be outfitted with *********** USD 48 mm forks equipped with a pre-load adjuster. This means: the spring preload can be readjusted fast and easily on the outside. In contrast to the 2002 fork, the new fork now has three bushes per fork tube, which ensures a better guidance of the inner tubes during compression travel. Both wipe and radial shaft seal, as well as the bearings, were obtained from new suppliers and, in combination with a new fork oil, ensure a markedly improved response. KTM also improved the chromium quality of the fork coating to prevent excessive “pumping up“ of the fork in use. The offset of the fork plates on the 125 SX model in relation to the steering head was changed about 14 mm for quicker steering.

Shock Absorber - The WP PDS shock absorber was modified considerably. A bigger compensating tank and a larger oil volume prevent premature fading. Changed flow cross-sections for the oil stream and new tuning setups provide better progression. This results in an improved response with a greater impact resistance.

Axle/Hub - All SX models come with a new front-wheel axle enlarged from 20 to 26 mm. The front-wheel hub was also given a new design and its diameter increased from 36 to 52 mm. The rear-wheel hub was also reinforced from 48 to 64 mm.

Handlebar/Frame rear end - All SX models come with a high quality conified Renthal handlebar. The rear frame of the 125SX is 5mm lower and the position of the footrests was moved up by 3 mm.

Clutch Hose - To prevent damage all models are fitted with flexible steel clutch hoses.

Rear Brake Caliper - All 125 SX and 525 SX models are equipped with a rear-brake caliper piston diameter reduced from 28 to 26 mm.

Tank/Spoiler - All tanks come in a basic orange.

Plastic Components - The new series look for 2003 is taken from KTM’s winning 2002 GP Team. All models come with a newly designed front wheel fender for improved splash protection. All SX models are fitted with a new modified front race number plate with integrated brake hose guide. A new, seamless seat cover creates an ideal surface.

Graphics Design/Colours - In 2003 the rear mudguard and the side panelling are orange, the shrouds, lamp mask, and the front mudguard is also orange. The seat is black. The KTM shroud logo was given a new design so as to cover the entire shroud. The frame and the hubs are power-coated in a gold hue, matching the colour of the fork and the handlebar.

125 SX Engine - The world champion engine 125 SX is considered as one of the best in its class. For the 2003 model range, the engine was optimized with numerous details and spiced up with upgrades taken straight from the racing circuit.

Transmission - Considering the ever increasing engine performance of recent models, the new 125 transmission now comes with a new, wider and thus more load-resistant 2nd gear. The transmission of the 125 SX has been reduced to 5 gears from 6, since 5 gears are more than enough to reach the enormous performance potential. Subsequently this also reduced the weight, similarly as with the 125 works GP bike.
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