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IMO, raising the forks in the triples is going to make the steering angle steeper, which is a more unstable condition. I would suggest dropping the forks in the triples.
You are of course correct...... the stock setting might be 2 rings up and by going to 3 rings it will be slightly sharper or faster turning, so if there is a misalignment or a twist in the fork legs or whatever is going on with this SAS, it will make the wobble worse. But the Op wanted sharper steering, so lowering the forks down further than stock will make the bike feel slow and wallowy, again probably exaggerating whatever the real issue is, and not making it more stable.

If there is a twist in the forks, it is easy to DIY correct...... 1st put the SAS on it's center stand and jack it up so the front wheel is just off the ground. Then step away and look at the forks from many angles...... the inner edge of one should line up with the outer edge of the other (use light to highlight any gaps)....... usually this is obvious when they are twisted.

Loosen all the fork clamps without letting the forks slide down, and 'tweak' them until they look parallel from all angles (this can be done by clamping the front wheel between your legs and pushing the bars one way or the other to untwist the forks. Check also that the handle bar mounts are set the same..... KTM offer adjustable positions for the bars, buy rotating both mounts or moving them to another hole, the bars can be moved forwards or backwards - ...I'm not sure of this, but if one mount is out of synch with the other it may appear twisted while riding (?). - Or take it back for the dealer to adjust what you have found wrong........

Re-tighten all without forcing anything into place..... it should all fit perfectly....... and hopefully next ride will be a :D .

I've been reading up on the 21SAS model coming soon, and it has has a lot of changes under the skin, many of which are designed to get the fuel down lower, sharpen up the steering and shorten the wheelbase for road riding. Maybe the outgoing SAS was too biased towards dirty weekends vs fast tarmac riding? :unsure:
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