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Hi all, new to this forum and recently picked up a 2008 450 EXCR. Only has 1.9 hrs on it out of the crate. Looking for any info for removing the smog kit, is it as simple as ripping all the crap out and plugging the lines that come off the carb to the emission canister etc..?? Should the hoses on the carb be plugged or vented, of course depending on their location if there is vacuum etc. Same time I'm installing JD jet kit so I should be able to go to the 42mm pilot jet when de smogged. Another question on the kit install, I have done this
before on an older 450 exc but now I'm located at 5,200 ft (live on a ski hill) but drive to town which is 25 minutes and is at 1,200 ft ASL. Thoughts on red or blue needle and position as it's a bit of an altitude spread and I don't want it too lean when I head to town. Red leaner but would I go with a different position so it's not too lean when I'm at 1,200 ft. Any thoughts or forwards to posts appreciated, Cheers.
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