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So thought its time to post update on the topend rebuild.
After putting it all together I ran the bike for the 3 recommended heat cycles.
(10 minute heat cycles from a cold start each time).

Since then I have put 6.5 hours on the bike.
First 3 hours of break-in (under 80% throttle and tried to always vary RPM's).
Next 3.5 hours pretty much normal riding.
Let me tell you, WOW!!!!

This is a very snappy and powerful bike. The new compression from the piston is amazing and you can really tell the difference. I can honestly say a factory edition 350SX is really meant for the track, it has SOOO much power and just want's to rip all the time. I never felt the full potential of a race 350 until now. Prior to the rebuild the rings were leaking and losing compression and burning some oil. Now the oil burning is all gone and crazy compression.
Will try and post up some video from our recent ride yesterday if I can find the time (have 2 wild boys under 2 and not much time for things these days).
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