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For sale is my 2012 KTM RC8R. I hate to see it go, but I am no longer using it as it should be, i.e. getting a bit too old to ride this properly. This bike has a great deal of the stuff you would find on the Akrapovic and more.

This originally arrived as a white model, but I put black bodywork on it a few years back for a change of pace. I love the look in black, but I also have all of the original white bodywork.

Now for the goodies
Ohlins FGRT812 front forks, TTX KT931 rear shock and steering damper
WETHJE carbon fiber front fender and Akrapovic carbon fiber rear hugger
Other carbon fiber bits including front sprocket cover, chain guard, lower back panel and upper rear panel/strip
Forged Marchesini Black Wheels - might lighter than the original cast wheels
Akrpovic EV04 exhaust with updated mapping
Cox radiator protector
LED Headlights
R&G tail tidy (with led lights), Axle sliders, Bar Ends and Engine protectors
Sato Racing Shift Holder
HM quick shifter
Rottweiler intake
Antigravity battery
Metal gas line connect
Dunlop Sportmax Q3s with about 2,500 miles
Sargent seat
KTM reservoir covers
SAS/SAI removal
20,000km service done
Have rear pegs, rear set, manual, tool kit and 2 black keys and 1 orange key

See posting in parts for luggage



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Wow! Beautiful bike. Good luck with your sale. New owner will be a lucky person :)

2012 KTM RC8R
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Gorgeous. If I didn't just buy mine, this is exactly what I would have been looking for! Great deal for the new owner!!!
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