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Working on a friends bike,
Started it for the first time this spring, idled then stalled. The timing tensioner was getting bad so when he told me I thought it may have jumped time, installed new Manuel tensioner still no start.
-new plug with good fire
-fuel pump is running
-timing is spot on(allen bolt with washer removed, locked in crank in the notch and both lines on cam gears lever with top of head)
-valves within spec, Intakes are on the tight side but still within spec.
-sprayed break clean in intake and nothing, not even a kick.
-Tried jump starting it and it fired up but wouldn’t idle, had to keep giving it fuel. Wouldn’t start off electric after, Havnt tried jumping again.
-no codes, fi light comes one while cranking then shuts off. I’m at a loss. And ideas?

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Did you check compression? If motor skipped cam chain and bent valves it would cause low compression and refuse to start. Not sure brakleen is a proper starting aid. Spray ether in air intake to let the bastard know that you're serious. If it refused to pop or sputter with ether that should tell you she's really sick. You may want to check spark plug after attempting starting to observe if the firing end is wet. Some folks are surprised to find the stuff pumped into their sick motor is not gasoline. You wouldn't be the first to find water or other contaminant in fuel. I once found a bike with a tank full of accidental diesel fuel refused to start and was checked by a good bike shop and they gave up trying to start it. Always drain tank and be certain fuel is fresh. Save your drained fuel and pour it in the wifes car. It sounds like your diagnosis has been fairly thorough. Report back with your results and check in as needed for assistance. Good luck
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