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getting flameout on my 2019 350 sxf with full FMF exhaust. Buddy says get dealer to do a ecu map for pipe, dealer says KTM won't give them maps anymore is this true? what can I do?

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KTM has locked out all sorts of "modifications" to fueling, ECU, etc. Don't get me started on the "Trackpack" for the 690's - FU KTM North America / California.

My 2018 EXC was supposed to come with dual map switch and was pulled due to the same reason i would assume.

The Euro map was available for us N.American guys to get the stock ECU to run richer but now you can't even upload any maps.

I went with a JD Tuner for now as it's the simplest, cheapest option for a piggback tuner which you can add fuel up to 15 settings and very very easy to install and tune.

Since putting the tuner on I no longer flame out and the bike rides wayyyy better than stock.
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