Just picked up this burnt 1290 and wondering if anyone here is interested in any parts. From what I can tell , the bike is still on OEM tires (so under 10K kms) Looks like the guy dropped it knocking the fuel shut off on the right side tank and puked fuel onto a hot pipe causing a fire. I bought this bike to complete another 1290R
I am building and couldn't find a front wheel to save my life. Gauges and headlight are toast along with the wiring harness .Can't be bothered to ebay this stuff and did a search and came up empty as far as 22+ models go.
What I have to offer that is not affected by fire.
rear wheel
rear subframe
rear shock
rear wiring harness
rear fender and inner fender
battery box
rear brake and lines and master cylinder
rider pegs
passenger pegs
gas cap
muffler and head pipe
seat latch switch

Things that are still good,but have smoke or fire damage
main frame (will need to be re-powder coated due to smoke damage)
both radiators (still holding coolant with no leaks)
triple tree
forks are burnt on the top half but bottoms are still good
front rotors
brembo calipers

I'm not trying to get rich off selling these parts,so shoot me a message if anything interests you.