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Getting vulnerable here, because my mess of a garage is a sensitive topic for me.

But this was my '22 Duke 200 just delivered. Literally not a mile on it yet.
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And my wife said "Get on it so I can take a picture" and my 3 year old (in pic) thought it was the coolest thing ever.
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Looks like your son is thinking YES one day this will be mine 馃榿

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Here is a photo of my 1983 KTM 125 MXC the day I brought her home from the dealer. I rode her in the 1983 ECEA Series and won the 125 B class overall for the year. I rode her sparingly during the 1984 series then parked her till a few joy rides in 1994. I have just procured the parts and fluids necessary to get her up and running after 18 years. Wish me luck.
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