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Yes, the stalling you describe can be caused by being too lean or too rich. If the idle is too low then that can contribute as well. If the bike is otherwise stock then most likely you're lean. Also the behavior you mention at very small throttle openings (varying speed, I'm guessing not running very smooth either) is another sign of being too lean. Turning up the TPS voltage will add more fuel at those small throttle openings and can help with all of the above. Check out www.tpstool.com for tools to help.

Also there is a solenoid that controls a small vacuum line that goes into the head just in front of the throttle body. Unplugging that solenoid or removing the vacuum line and replacing the small brass fitting with a screw can also help clean up throttle response down low. And if you like riding in the tight stuff, check out the G2 Ergonomics throttle tamer throttle tube. I put one on my 500 and it made tight single track so much more fun, and actually made me a lot faster in the tight walking speed single track stuff since it's so much easier to ride smooth.
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