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790 ADV R Tech Questions

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I have a 2020 KTM 790 R.

1. It has cruise control and rally mode which i thought meant it had the tech pack, but i don't see the quick shift anywhere in the menu

2. Quick Select 1 & 2 - ABS and ride mode are not even options in my menu screen for these buttons. Furthermore when I do set anything to those buttons it doesn't hold in the programming anyway.

Fixes? User error? More info?
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Quick shifter is a stand alone option. You program the quick select for what you want it to do. I have mine set to select ride mode and ABS on/off.
Rally mode is std. on the 2020 R but the cruise is an add on.
Thanks for the info on the quick shifter

What I'm saying on the quick select is that when I go in to program it, ABS and Ride Mode are not choices. That's exactly what I wanted to do.
Is it possible I need a software update or something?
On my 2020 SAS cruise control is standard, but quickshifter is a $260 (!!) add on. I'm surprised ride mode isn't an option, but you could maybe get it with the tech pack? I'd ask a dealer
let me rephrase.
I HAVE ride mode and ABS, but I cannot assign them to the quick-select buttons. When I am in the menu for quick-select there is a list of things I can pick, ABS and Ride Mode are not on that list
I found this thread that seems to get to the heart of it

Thanks for clarifying the issue. I did not have that problem with mine selecting those options. Perhaps it is a firmware update issue or some such. Hopefully your dealer has a sharp KTM mechanic that is up on this stuff and gets to the source of the problem.
Had a similar issue with my 790. Have updated firmware to v31 fixed the quick select buttons previously v27. Quick shifter ?

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