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990SMR ODO reset itself to 00000

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As the title says, battery was left totally dead for a year now just about to take the bike for an MOT and the ODO reads 00000. It should be just under 15K but what do I do. Its going to look odd in the history and I'm not happy about it.

I'm tempted to skip the MOT and wind the miles back on with a dummy trigger wheel etc.

Anyone else heard of this bug before?
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Hey you've got a new bike. Sell that puppy in a flash, smile and wave as it heads into the sunset. 馃槆 Just joking, honest.

I haven't heard of this before, but then again I've not had one sit totally dead for a year either. You have a clear moral dilemma regarding vehicle history if you are selling the bike. Or is the concern with the MOT? Do you have some service history prior to this self zeroing occurrence that you can fall back on?

I'm asking questions out of ignorance as our Aussie system is sure to be different to your Pommy one.
I know for the 1290 SDR cluster (Gen 1 at least) if you get a new one they have to program in the mileage at the dealer, wonder if the 990 will reset given time for the battery and capacitors to discharge. Check with your local dealer on what they鈥檇 charge to fix it, may be easier than expected.
Is it the 2008?
I have heard of a couple 08 superdukes resetting the odometer. As Will
Suggested, maybe ktm can set the Miles back on for you.
Wish mine would reset. I'm up over 60k now.
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