I have a motorcycle lift that is set up for a 2014-2019 KTM Superduke R. It can be used on almost any bike, however you will need the bike specific adaptor. (see last photo)

This is a copy but better in that I’d has a heavy duty shock that makes sure the bike lowers slowly in a controlled manner.

This is a fantastic lift alowing you to lift both wheels and move it easily around on the casters.

I love it however I now run crashbars and although I can still used it, I have fo take the left crash bar off every time.

All you need to do is remove the swing arm pivot nut and replace it with the one pictured, and simply lift the bike!

Please don’t try to negotiate as I’ve priced this fairly and it’s less than buying one pit bull rear stand…the originals sell for $599usd ++

The base plate is the same as a Bursig - so a bike specific adapter would bolt on - see photos.

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