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It doesn't matter what bike or even if it's
a car. Have your ever done this?

I started riding my 950 SE to work just because
the RT is such an old man's bike. ;)

Since I don't ride it often, it felt heavy pushing
it out of the garage in the morning.

It seemed to ride a tad "funny", but I ride the beemer
a lot, so it's not apples to apples.

After the first week (today), I got the tank on reserve
light. Huh? With only 81 miles?

Put almost 3.5 gallons in and get my helmet, sit
on the bike when the guy filling up his car next
to me says, "excuse me, your back tire looks really low".
I mumble a thanks, and look down at it.

Yes, it's low.

According to the gas station air pump, it's LESS than 10 PSI.

So with all the 70+ MPH sprints down the road and tight
highway on ramps, I was riding on a flat almost for 5 days.:eek:hmy:


After airing up to 35 PSI it feels like I am on my old 640e now.:)
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