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2012 350 EXC-F & 2016 1290 SDGT
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I went for a decent ride last Friday and all was fine until I hit some R/R tracks and the MTC & engine light illuminated.

Just got around to retrieving the codes and pulled:

1: P1402 - Manufacturer Control Auxiliary emission Controls
2: P1479 - Manufacturer Control Auxiliary emission Controls
3: P0475 - Exhaust Pressure Control Valve Circuit Malfunction
4: P1650 - Manufacturer Control Auxiliary Input/Output
5: P0475 - PENDING

Immediately erased the codes and only the first three remain.

I'm leaning towards an electrical problem and will began to inspect all connections & harnesses.

Has anyone else ran into similiar problems or have access to a factory service manual?

This is for my 2016 1290 Super Duke GT - Totally stock

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Sounds like the exhaust flap perhaps? You can buy a healtec dongle to eliminate it. Why it has 3 error codes I don’t know. The only things that coudl be classed as “emissions controls” are:
1. PAIR - Secondary air injection to cylinder head
2. Exhaust flap
3. O2 sensors on pipe

Am I missing anything else?

The exhaust flap is a mechanical thing. I wonder if a shock could have caused an issue.

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I realize you're talking about a Gen 1 GT, but my Gen 3 SDR threw the MTC code after shooting across some abandoned RR tracks passing a truck. The dealer reset the cables to the exhaust valve with the computer and cleared the codes. Then, as Trebor27 suggested, I installed the Healtech ESE (exhaust servo eliminator) and haven't thrown a code over the following 9000 miles. Best of luck.

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Since I removed the stock exhaust and installed the Akra and had the map put in my MTC failure issues stopped. I guess the exhaust servo is a POS on the Gen 3 bikes. Wonder why they haven't fixed it yet. Mine was throwing codes from 12 miles. I was riding it home from the dealer the first time. So I was glad to see the thing go.

How are you hooking up to read codes? I would like to do that, looks like that is a standard automotive reader?

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