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Consensus; Husky 300 or 6 Days

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Hope all well with everyone. Strictly big adventure bikes up to this point but want the challenge away from the tarmac before I get too old so a new bike is needed. Been dithering for over a week and need to make a decision. Narrowed the choice to the TE 300 Heritage or the KTM Exc 6 Days. A little Green Lanes but mostly Hare and Hounds and pay days. Thoughts?

Very many thanks.
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I'll bet you a nickel that you wouldn't notice much difference between either one
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Reckon a 4 stroke lends itself to your green lane.
Your 2 strokes are happy to chop throttle on and off and blast through the tight, technical stuff. but the 4 stroke will purr along at steady speed without any fuss. You should probably arrange a test ride. All things equal your Husky is simply an improved version of your KTM.
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