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Hi All,

I had the cruise fixed on the SD R after it became disabled somehow... I think due to the installation (at home) of the heated grips. Since I was fortunate to be able to hang in the garage part of the dealer the entire time and ask questions/take notes, I thought to post up here so others can easily reference the trick. Perhaps the mods want to make it a sticky???

If the cruise on the SD R isn't working, you may have to "teach" the bike how to sense it again. Here's the trick...

Take the cruise switch on your left handlebar and push it to the left for 5 seconds, then immediately all the way forward for 5 seconds, then immediately all the way down. towards you, for 5 seconds. You're not done. Then you must roll the throttle forward (away from you). That will reset the blinking light and also "teach" the bike to recognize cruise control. They said it's a relatively common problem on the SD R.

There you have it. Happy cruising!
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