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Hi All,
I have a problem with my bike since I have it. I took the bike to the dealership service so many times for more than one year, but the problem still exist.
The problem is that "Sometimes the engine stalls at the moment when I press the clutch”
Here is a video which I recorded.

I'm wondering how many people has this problem unresolved as I think this problem may carry a risk for my health and life. Regarding my research in internet I sow this is well know problem for KTM, but it still unresolved for some of the many people with this problem who learn how to leave with it. Тhis neglect of the problem is unacceptable to me.

Till now the dealership service said they did all the instruction given by KTM:
2018 year: - They clean throttle body and checked and clean spark plugs.
2019 year: - They checked and clean again the throttle body and clean spark plugs.
- They changed:
-air filter
-spark plug
-fuel filter
-checked valves
- Changed spark plug again and made a cylinder leak test

But this doesn't help I took the bike to the dealership service again on 21.10.2019 and it still there.
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