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Please dont post suggestions to replace my current setup. I am looking for specific answers pretaining to my question.
With that being said.

Anybody Familiar with running these components on a RC390 2017 and up?
DynoJet PCV 18-023
Dynojet Autotune.
Bosch 5 WIre O2 sensor.

I have looked all over the web. videos,forums, and dealer chats. I know that the PCV and WBC is the best solution to work around closed loop issue.

The thing is.
A bike I just received has a PCV and Autotune on it. The Bike Is Bare bones stock aside from the PCV and the Autotune. I dont plan on modding it at all. no exhaust no filter mod. just stock. Got it to teach my son how to ride on the street.
Ecu does not have the Akra Map. It is the map that comes with the stock U.S Spec 2017 model.
It has the BaseMap provided from the DynoJet website.
I don't want to replace anything if possible.

I want to configure the Autotune to run as efficient as possible.
I am familiar with the issue of the stock ecu fighting changes to it made in the closed loop area.
I am curious if there is a optimal range it can be fudged to before the ecu fights back that is better than the stock settings that dynojet has currently.

Anyone Know Optimal AFR Config settings for Autotune? Per gear or Per Throttle position. for a stock +2017 RC390
Again I have extensively searched this topic to no avail.

Does Anyone run a DynoJet PCV and Autotune on their RC390's?

If so Could you give me any feedback on your Programming Autotune setups, evaluations, or experiences on it.

Thanks for your time. I Greatly Appreciate it.
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