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KTM members,
Sprocket Center now has several models of EK chain for sale at 30-45% off retail prices!!

EK 520 MVXZ X'ring Chain (13 colors/ 1000cc rated) - SALE PRICE $105.95 !!!
This is a great looking & strong 520 chain. The range of colors including Orange and a great looking Black/Gold combo, will help your KTM stand out from the crowd!!

EK 525 SRX-2 X'ring Chain (1000cc rated) - SALE PRICE $94.95 !!!
This is a great Heavy Duty chain for 950/990 Adventures, Dukes, Enduros and SuperMoto models.

These are just a few of the chains on sale...
Check out more chains on our SALE page here: http://sprocketcenter.com/sale/chain-sale.html

Sprocket Center always has the perfect length chain for your KTM. No need to pay for chain you are just going to cut off and throw away!
Please contact us if you have any questions about picking the right chain . Sprocket Center's knowledgeable reps are always happy to help you find the perfect chain (and sprockets) for your KTM.

Happy Riding !!!
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