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Evening all,
Had to submit a quick post about the first ride on new bike today. Bloody hell! I have read all the road tests, seen all of the youtube videos about how quick these bikes are and I was expecting a lot! Nothing could have prepared me for the mental, torque/warp speed I was 'subjected to':p Absolutely immense power everywhere, I started in street mode, I believed I was going very quickly when I thought am I actually 'wringing it' to find I was on at best 3/4 throttle. I went (I think!) to full throttle very briefly and had a brief moment of my life flashing before my eyes! Its far more than I need but its there:) I can't wait to get out again tomorrow! To out this into context I'm quite old (56) but have ridden bikes most of my life (first bike FS1M for those anoraks out there). Tons of bikes since but highlights are RD400, 350LC, RG500 etc. You get my preference in 2 wheeled machinery here! Last one was a brilliant 990SMT I sold 9 months ago.
Anyway enough waffle, here is me and my new baby, excuse the lockdown hair! (it looks like I have lots hair here but I really haven't:rolleyes:)
If anyone gets out to Finchingfield (Essex) there is a great cafe there where tons of bikes meet at weekends, it would be great to meet with fellow 2 wheeled oldies when things reopen, not long now!
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