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2008 KTM Duke 690
white reflective rim tape
ktm grip heaters
ktm hand guards from 950 adventure
polished aluminum aftermarket reservoir covers for front and rear brake and clutch masters
12V outlet from Powerlet
"cool blue" air filter
modified and "De-Catted" muffler
2nd +3rd gear de-restricted
Pro grips model 714
swing arm spools
KTM axle sliders
RKA Seat Bag
custom rear rack [ a piece of black 'Race Deck' left over from my garage floor]

Story,, was in market for a mate for my 5 yr old FJR1300,,, saw duke on the NET, next day went to local KTM dealer to see,,,,,, walked in , there is bike in all its glory,,, guy standing next to it staring at it lovingly ,,,,, he say " you like it",, ,,I say "SURE DO"
---TOO bad , I just bought it !

so, this dealer ain,t getting anymore, I go home, it is 5:45 pm,, by chance i call the next nearest KTM dealer [80 miles] to see if they have one,, the owner answers, Yes they have one, yes he will take a deposit over the phone.

even saved a few hundred over the other guy..

enjoying it ever since


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