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G'day all,

I was invited on a CB750/4 Honda club run to Xmas creek and Rathdowney. Glad I went along as there was lots of eye candy, and, a very nice, new to me, cafe - all the way down and almost into the national park....... narrow roads and fast 4wd's excepted it was a lovely ride....... except for the bit when one club member ran into the back of a pristine Z1- 900 Kawasaki as the group tried to turn left at a gravelly intersection....... we had 18 bikes in the group, so it's a reminder for larger grouping's to spread out or ride in staggered formation if bunched up at turns ;).

One rider got his gear cut off by a pretty young paramedic and was taken for precautionary xrays etc at Logan Hosp (we were expecting a helicopter, but 3 ambulances got there quicker, so we left a bit disappointed with no airshow landing)...... oh, the rider, :giggle:,....he was later released with just bruising to his hip and arm and ego..... still in his undies no doubt.... but ok! His bike was trailered home, minimal damage, so lucky lucky.

(y)..... now back home and getting ready for an 1800km sortie up north before it gets toobloodyhot! Then I must make time and complete the fluid's overhaul on my 15yo 130k km Honda Blackbird....... might even find I'm able to squeeze back onto it as my new hip gains more flexibility by the day (I pulled a sock off my left foot by hand for the first time yesterday - couldn't do that until now, so it's improving with 'A-ride-rtherapy'....... get it? ...... oh well, you know what I mean :D).....


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