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Hi everyone, my name is adam from rochester ny. ive been a rider for about 16 years, and my first bike was an 1983 KTM 250 2 stroke, at least I THINK its an 83, and im not sure what model. i was hoping the KTM experts here could help me identify it. I still have it although its torn down for a rebuild as it blew the crank when i was younger and sent shattered ring peices into the piston. not cool. but i hope to get it up and running soon, as it was the fastest bike ive ever ridden and im sure it would blow away the 07 honda crf250x i just bought.

heres an old picture of it, it came with a headlight but when i got it the motocross number plates were on it, so im not sure which it originally had. it has a stator on it, and its an air cooled 250 2 stroke. it also has a 6 speed transmission. i could give more info if needed. any ideas?


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