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Hey Everybody,

Newbie Ebenke here. Ex Honda rider, looking to come over to a KTM. I'm a pretty good sized guy, 230lbs, 6'-3", so hopefully it will be a 530 exc. I've been looking for sometime and can't go for the price of new 530, so I'll keeping learning, saving and looking for a decent deal. Three Brother in Costa Mesa has demo bike on occasion, I'd like to pick-up on of those on of these days.

With your help, I want to learn more and gain advice about these great bikes form all of the experience out there.

I've owned three bikes, (1) road, and (2) two stroke 250's - and I've been riding motorcycles for several years. I sold my last one early this year. As far as riding goes: for off road I like trail riding and wide open high speed desert riding, on road it will be an 8 mile commute to work during the week and weekend excursions in the mountians. honestly - I just wanna ride again, I really miss it. I hope this bike can put my skills back to work.

Cheers!! :D
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