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To this day, everything Yoshimura does revolves around building fast machines and winning races. What motivated Pops Yoshimura over 50 years ago is the exact same thing that motivates them today. Racing and winning. There is no other endeavor that anyone at Yoshimura would rather be engaged in.
"How do you explain the special feeling that racing gives to all of us? It is impossible to describe to those who have not experienced it. Being at the track, hearing the sweet song of a finely tuned racing engine at full-chat is music to our ears."

Through Yoshimura's products, they try to impart this emotion to their customers. The results speak for themselves.

Yoshimura vs Leo Vince exhausts on a GSX-R1000

Yoshimura R77 Exhaust Review

Yoshimura Rear Suspension Linkage kit review

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