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I do no ride KTM but I have few KTM parts on my Harley Dual-Sportster bike that I built so it is very rare I come on this forum.. I don't mind being a member and do appreciate very much other KTM owners being helpful in answering my question if I come in here to post. However, the "We Missed You" email notification is really getting annoyed and I will be going on a 8 months long motorcycle journey from NC to Argentina in few weeks. I have unsubscribed to all email (political, promotion, Change, online petitions, etc) so my inbox doesn't get filled with unrelated things that have none to do with my lengthy vacation. It seems that I can not unsubscribe to your "We Missed You" email so I am in here to express my concern that I can not disable that email announcement and apparently I need to be a premium member to disable it??

If there is actually a way to disable that email announcement, I will very much appreciate your helpful tip. If there is none and only option is to have my account removed then I really have to ask but please kindly remove my account so I can no longer receive unwanted email during my vacation.

Thank you very much!
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