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Hi everyone, so I recently bought my dream bike and can't wait to start to modify it during this winter. I bought the KTM power part LED mini-blinkers among other things. I saw some other guy that had connected his license plate as the picture shows, and also looks like the KTM LED blinkers are attached right next to the pillon cover/passenger seat. To do this you have to remove the "cross-connector" shown as nr 4 in the picture. Now I can't find any purpose for this connector, I just removed it myself to see what it looked like, but I can't seem to find a purpose for it, anyone know?

P.S When I bought the bike the retailer had already put on a tail tidy kit, so I don't know if it is something that has to do with the original tail-lights or not.

My bike is gonna look pretty much the same as the picture, but with a decal kit and arrow slip-on instead of Akra full pipe.
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