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Question #1 - Vibration
I bought a 2007 250xc about 6 months ago and it has always vibrated a lot more than any bike I have ever rode. I never notice it when im riding but recently it has been vibrating a lot more to where I do. I didn't make any changes to the bike when this started happening. I noticed the header vibrates a lot more now and makes a loud vibration noise of metal on metal when giving it a specific amount of gas (about mid-throttle). When the header is doing the loud vibration, it looks as though it is actually being pushed out a little until I let off the gas. I have also noticed exhaust coming out from between the header and piston and lots of oil build-up. I took the header off and the o rings are fine. I looked at the piston and it is due for a top-end soon, but isn't to bad. Is anyone elses 250 like this? Does anyone have an idea what could fix this? Does anyone elses 250 vibrate a lot more than other bikes?

Question #2 - Clutch
About a month ago my bike stoped starting while in gear. It always pulls, to where if it actually gets started, will take off. When this started, i had recently put Shell Rotella oil in it. I changed the oil to the recromended oil from the manual (not sure of the name, was expensive though) thinkign this was the problem but it did not change anything. I took the clutch apart and some of the plates actually looked a little warped and mis-colored. I put in new clutch plates and fibers (barnett) hoping to solve this problem. It cured it a little but still not enough to be able to start it in gear. I have bled the cable and there was a little air in it when I first did it, but none after that. I have noticed after riding it for a while and its all warmed up, it will start in gear no problem. Everything in my clutch looked perfect and not sure what else to try to fix this problem. Any suggestions?
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